Contest for unpubbed mystery/thriller writers

If you're unpublished in novel-length fiction, you know there aren't a lot of opportunities for mystery, suspense and thriller writers to get feedback on their work prior to sending it to an agent or editor.

For that reason, the Popular Fiction Association of Idaho, a non-profit organization dedicated to literacy and promoting the reading and writing of fiction, is sponsoring a writing contest in connection with the Murder In The Grove mystery conference.

Contest participants do NOT need to attend the conference or to be residents of Idaho.
There is room for only a limited number of manuscripts, and the grand prize is a great one.

Even if you don't "win," everyone who enters is a winner because you'll receive detailed information on how your work was judged, which can be invaluable in helping with revisions and corrections.

Don't miss out. Go to Murder In The Grove and click on "Contest."


Also, if you are interested in attending the conference, it will be held June 8-9, 2007 in Boise, Idaho, with Guest of Honor Robert Crais, a full day workshop for writers with highly acclaimed writing instructor Margie Lawson, and a whole host of agents, editors, forensic experts, and mystery authors conducting panels and workshops for both readers AND writers of mystery fiction.

Agents and editors will be holding appointments to discuss your work with you. This year's conference will be bigger and better than ever.

What I like about this contest: it's affordable; they limit the number of manauscripts so you have a reasonable assurance the ms will get focused time and attention; it's offered by a group that runs a well managed and focused conference too.

What I think is hilarious: manuscript evaluation is a $35 value! There are days it's worth a lot more, and there are days it's worth a lot LESS here at Snark Central!

And Robert Crais is the cat's pajamas so if you go to the conference tell him hey from Miss Snark.

(announcement stolen in broad daylight from the DorothyL list)


Ray Rhamey, Flogging the Quill said...

I'll try to say "Hey" for you--I'm doing my "Flash Editing" workshop at the conference.


Robin L. said...

Oh, thank you for the link. That sounds like a great opportunity for feedback!

Terry said...

I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Robert Crais and Michael Connelly at SleuthFest last year. They were both open and generous with advice and encouragement for those of us still struggling along. Roabert Crais said the best advice he ever got was when his editor told him, "Your words are not precious."

I'm sure neither would remember me, so no need to say hi--but ask Robert Crais about his great Costco book signing adventure.

SAND STORM said...

It would be nice if they opened it up to writers from outside the U.S.

Joanne Pence said...

Sand Storm & Others,

The contest is open to people outside the U.S. If you can get your manuscript and entry fee to Idaho, we'll judge it (see www.murderinthegrove.com/contest.htm)

Joanne Pence
Murder In The Grove committee member