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Miss Snark,

Once a manuscript has been submitted to an editor by an agent will an editor make a point to send back a response, whether positive or negative? Or is it customary that the particular manuscript only be brought up again if the editor is interested? Does an agent having to follow-up with an editor inherently bode ill for the project?

Some editors get back to me promptly.
Some don't.

I've sold books to editors I've had to track down with a Snarkscope, duct tape, and Killer Yapp riding shotgun.

There is no industry standarad on this. You can't even say all the editors at one publisher respond the same way.

Every agent I know follows up on submissions. It's just part of the job.

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Sherry D said...

I'm curious to know what kind of comments you receive from editors, when they like a manuscript, almost like it, or don't like it at all.