homage? non non

Dear Miss Snark:

I'm reading the trade paperback version of Any Place I Hang My Hat by Susan Isaacs. On page 121, we meet a character by the name of Mrs. Snarck who corrects people who call her Ms. Snarck.

An homage, I presume??

Yips to Yapp

I doubt Susan Isaacs knows I'm alive despite the fact I love her work, like her personally and gaze upon her visage on the subway (ads for one of the colleges feature her).

Miss Snark may be the cat's pajamas but there are other items in the wardrobe.


Remodeling Repartee said...

Self-deprecation is your most charming virtue-next to your gin-swilling ability:)

Southern Writer said...

Miss Snark greatly underestimates how far her influence reaches, and how highly she is held in regard.