Killer Yapp says "I told ya so"

words AND pictures

(we notice Miss Buffy Squirrel did NOT send this link; thanks to LL for it!)


BuffySquirrel said...

Miss Buffy Squirrel is still trying to convince the blogosphere that she hasn't written a werewolf chick book.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, the postal worker was a nut.

Lorra said...

Personal to KY (and Hextall):


A while back, I made friends with and fell in love with, the friendly squirrel in my neighborhood, one lovable, Bunny-Boo.

Every morning Bunny-Boo greeted me at the kitchen window, perching on the ledge, waiting for his breakfast of nuts.

The mailman always included an afternoon nut snack in the large mailbox that opened into my house.

When I gardened, Bunny-Boo followed me everywhere, perching on the end of my chair when I sat to rest. (Needless to say, Hextall was in the house.)

Alas, we moved from that house 5 years ago. The vision of Bunny Boo, poised at the curb as our belongings were trucked away, still breaks my heart. This posted besmirchment of squirrels does too. Blasphemous, if you ask me.

A mantra for dogs everywhere: They're not all bad; they're not all bad.


Marsha said...

If Killer Yap requires Evil Squirrel stories, I suggest he read this: this.

Note: Swallow and set all liquids aside prior to clicking.

kitty said...

I had rabies shots when I was a kid because a chipmunk bit me. My brother killed it with a shotgun, obliterating any chance of testing the critter for rabies, so I had to endure the series of shots -- 14 in the stomach. They burned.

Sara Hope said...

My mom receives an HR magazine for her job, and one issue had stories about humorous reasons people gave for why they couldn't come into work that day.

One was of a couple who worked at the same company. They called their boss and told him that they couldn't leave their house because a crazy squirrel was "holding them hostage" as it were. They asked if their boss could come shoot it for them. So the boss went over to their house . . . and their story was true. There was in fact, a crazy squirrel, and I believe he did shoot it.

Anonymous said...

I got a shout-out!!! This is probably going to be the high point of my day...

Dave Kuzminski said...

Just wait until I perfect and release the sabertooth squirrel. ;)

I do have one true squirrel story. Years ago, we had a lot of nuts in the shell given to us for Christmas. Trouble was, we received about three huge baskets full of hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, almonds, walnuts, pecans, and others. After about a year, we just couldn't eat them all (mainly because no one wanted to spend the time shelling them) so I decided to put them out for the squirrels. I'd put about four or five at the base of a tree ten feet in front our house. The squirrel got into the habit of expecting those. Then we finally ran out. He'd sit on a branch facing the house and make sounds like he was crying when no more nuts appeared. It took him a week to get over the loss.

Anonymous said...

"Obviously, the postal worker was a nut."

Falls on floor, holds sides, nearly wets pants.

And no beverage alert?!!

Kristin said...

A squirrel managed to get into my first college apartment. It was mayhem.

There were the four of us girls, plus assorted friends and boyfriends, all trying to chase the poor thing back outside with brooms. (Who knew we owned a broom?! Or that it could be so useful?!) There was also a lot of screaming.

After that, we got a cat. Or five.

Imelda said...

Be grateful that you don't live in Australia. Here, we have mad attack possums, who, like squirrels, have adapted to human settlement, have no fear and a bad attitude and are as likely as not to bite your shoes to see if they are tasty if you walk through their patch at night - and they are a lot bigger than squirrels! Cute, but definitely not cuddly if you like your fingers attached.

They also have an evil tendency to take up residence in your ceiling and walk around in it at night, causing you to wake, terrified, certain that a man is walking on your roof (I am so glad I never got to really see that one - it must have been HUGE. And they smell (when in the ceiling.

Makes the squirrels look good, eh?

Impy said...

When I was about sixteen, I created an imaginary weapon for an online roleplaying game. Being the insane propmaker that I am, this is as much a literal statement as a metaphorical one.*

The weapon was a giant mallet, about the size of my torso. I called it the Neon Green Florescent Flowered Gigantic Anime Mallet of Squirrel Bashing Goodness (tm). It was everything the name implied.

* I've actually created, at last count, eight different versions of this mallet. I keep upgrading the design.

BuffySquirrel said...

Dagnabbit, Dave, haven't I put enough dollars into your Sabre-Toothed Sqrl project yet? What're you spending it all on? Beer?

My dog used to crack hazelnuts with her teeth. It was worth losing the nuts just to see how she did it.