Madness..but ok

I swear, some of you are unhinged.

Ray Rhamey for example. Perhaps he needs a good stirring in the vat now that Brady Westwater has escaped.

Mr. Rhamey vatted for what purpose you ask? Oh my dear dog...he's asking for pages. He'll read them. Probably give them more than four minutes you got here at HH Com 2 too. (He calculated the average time I spent reading..and he's probably close).

Here's the link.

He's also got a book called "Death Sucks". You gotta love that.


Brady Westwater's Evil Twin said...

It was me in the damn vat - not that damn Brady.

And thank Dog I found those flippers on the bottom or I'd still be trapped in it.

Anonymous said...

I smell a snowjob.

Karla Andrich said...

He seems really really defensive. This is not generally a good thing to bring to the table when you request critique.

But hey, he has partials out, good for him.

lisa said...

I thought the same thing.

I was so offended by his tone about the whole thing that I deleted him from my feedreader. I don't need that much negativity from anyone.