Scouting around

Dear Miss Snark,

I noticed that a few agencies have a "scout division".

Can you explain what a scout division does?

This is the division that provides uniformed assistants for elderly or incapacitated agents in crossing Avenues here in New York.

No? Damn.

Scouts look for published properties. They scout around for stuff. They're finders not agents. Don't query them.

I send books that have deals to scouts for HBO, movies and foreign sales. Not all books, all the time but some books most of the time.

They're like baseball scouts but they smoke fewer cigars and don't look much like Jon Lovitz.


Anonymous said...

the scout division sells all the leftover girl scout cookies to your fat coworkers.

A retired editor said...

I think I have had nightmares about scouts. No wait -- the nightmares were about the fellas from the Lolly Pop Guild in the Wizard of Oz. My mistake.

Robin said...

Well this is sort of out in right field in regards to scouts, but the link to A League of Their Own reminded me of my favorite line from that movie: “There’s no crying in baseball!” I guess you can apply that line to a lot of other endeavors, including writing. (Especially, I imagine, regarding the chances of being discovered by a scout.) The only scouts I see want money to buy BBs. At least I got some stale popcorn out of that deal.

r louis scott said...


I think there is a lot of crying in writing.

Robin said...

I guess the thick-skinned, positive attitude bit is easier in theory than it is on the, um, playing field.

At least we have Miss Snark to help us hold onto our sense of humor. I can stand a few tears if I have that.

Speaking of . . . there's a good joke here regarding scouts who look like George Clooney and literary merit badges, but I can't seem to nail it. I think I need more caffeine.