Shaddup about it

Miss Snark,

Although you've already referred to this, I have another question re. the Gawker American Idol contest. If one was to enter this contest, despite reservations, and subsequently be rejected, would you be compelled to let an agent know in the future? My major hesitancy about this contest is that I haven't shopped my novel around at all yet, since I'm a first-timer and while I have a manuscript, I want it to be blindingly good before I begin the querying process. So if I put it up there and got rejected, I should probably let a prospective agent know, right?


This is like discussing the difficulty of French seams when someone admires your dress.
This is like discussing the travails of the kitchen when someone says "yummy".
This is like showing your surgical scars when someone ogles your bustline.


Anonymous said...

This is like talking up your former girlfriend with your current one.

Why do so many people think that submitting to an agent is like a confessional booth?

Anonymous said...

Three words: Just keep mum.
Van Gogh didn't tell everyone of the time he spilled paint while painting Starry Night, did he? No. Don't harp on failure, embrace success!


Twill said...

Sure, I always tell all my boyfriends about all the other guys that rejected me. They might want to know.


The Rejected Writer said...

But Miss Snark, I paid a hell of a lot of money for those scars . . . I should be able to show them off!

Anonymous said...

Aw, French seams aren't that bad. They just take a lot of time. You know...kind of like getting an agent. ;)

ORION said...

wtf nitwittery lesson number one.
It is a badge of honor AFTER the fact to say,
"I was rejected 70 times for three different projects and then found representation."
saying that BEFORE you get representation?
wtf nitwittery badge.

word verification: jojos
what you are when you quote "positive" rejection lines in your query sent to you by some very, very top agents.
(not for me...this business is so subjective...your writing doesn't exactly suck...)

PerpetualBeginner said...

You mean when somebody compliments me on my brilliance I can't show them the scars from my brain surgery?


Jaye Wells said...

French seams? Is that the kind you iron with your tongue?

Dan Ackroyd said...

jaye, you slut!

Seamstress said...

French seams ought to be banned. You think you have them just right, go to press them, and lo and behold, all these jaggedy pieces are still sticking out all over the place.

Yeah, kind of like writing....

Ryan Field said...

First timer: You don't have to let an agent know everything, and you don't owe them anything but good writing. Just let them read and decide for themselves.

Good luck with the contest.

Mark said...

I had someone say after writing several novels, he was not inclined to send one to an agent because once rejected he could never get "a fair reading again," and the agent pool was small.

I didn't agree with either premise. Prepare sure, but at some point you have to play the game. Letting your friends read it isn't the same thing. As beta readers they can't get it published, unless they happen to be editors. You may want to dispel this myth?

Anonymous said...

It's "you ignorant slut."

overdog said...

Dear Sir or Madam;

I am an unpublished writer. Here is a list of my failures...

(I kid, I kid! At least s/he asked before making the mistake, right?)

Just Me said...

As the great Martina Navratilova commented after narrowly winning her record-breaking ninth Wimbledon title: "When the records are written, there won't be an asterisk beside my name saying 'Yes, but she didn't play very well...."

Just keep swinging.

Christine said...

French seams aren't that hard, once you understand how to do them. :)

Just sew twice.

(um, yes, I know how to sew. I've done French seams. I've made Elizabethan cartridge pleats too, and those are MUCH harder.)

Katie. said...

Definitely don't mention your inevitable failure in this contest. The first step towards failure is not even knowing what contest you are entering.

Although, you should still send your manuscript to Gawker. They will mercilessly eviscerate it and post the worst parts for public consumption.

(Might help your chances if you sent it to gather.com -- where this contest is taking place. But I really want to see Gawker's opinion on your manuscript.)