So, you don't list an email on your blog

Killer Yapp: "Snark! Snark! Miss Snark!"

MS (one eye from under the duvet): "KY, it's Sunday. I'm ...ah...reading".

KY: "Flash! Gordon!"

MS: "there's an email from one of the cabal?"

KY: "affirmative!"

MS (leaping over tall pile of slush balanced precariously on gin cases): Print, KY, Print!

KY (reading aloud): Dear Miss Snark, I'm looking for a girl werewolf novel and I saw a comment a while back on your blog about someone working on a girl werewolf novel. Her name escaped me, but if you remember, could you have her get in touch. Love, Agent InNeedA

MS: KY! Keyword: werewolf! Search!

KY: Here! Here! Here!

MS: Excellent. Three comments, all from BarkOLounger. Click on her blog. Get her email.

KY: Digits! Absent!

MS: What?? A blog with no email address?

KY: Nada

MS: KY you need glasses AND a hair cut, let me look.

KY (leaping off keyboard in a snit): Lasik my asterisk.

MS: Damn, the dog is right. Who would write a blog and comment extensively here, and not give me a way to get in touch??

KY (recalling previous frustration): Buffy! Squirrel!

MS: She's busy cleaning her shoulder mounted rocket launcher.

KY: Chase her down! Me! Me!

MS: Ok, Buffy Squirrel AND anyone who writes about girl werewolves, drop me an email, IF you know what's good for you!

KY: (sound of typing)

MS: And while you're there at the keyboard, answer a few more blog questions too, ok?

KY: Sloth

MS (from under the duvet): I heard that.

KY (texting): u r that


Don said...

I don't publish my e-mail anywhere now. Putting it on a website just guarantees an ever-accelerating flow of spam until it's too high a volume to catch the inevitable flow of false positives in the spam filter.

I don't even include an e-mail in short story submissions (or, when the time comes, agent queries). I know that the SASE wil reach me, but I don't know that e-mail will. Plenty hasn't.

When a relationship has been established and I know that I can call and check that an e-mail arrived, then I'll use e-mail to communicate.

For the blogs that I have out there, comments are open and that's the way to reach me. But I have little illusion that I'll have anyone trying to reach me to offer me a writing gig from my blog.

Miss Snark said...

Sorry Don, wrongo. I email everyone who writes real mail to me if I want 50 pages.

And a colleague is looking for girl werewolf novels.

And I have something Buffy Squirrel may want.

I communicate electronically.

You can hide your email address on your blog or spell it out, but you're VERY shortsighted if you don't include it on your query letters.

And this from Miss Snark..the anti-e-query maven.

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

What ever happened to needing a cute, adventurous, semi-wild pixie who marries a cute guy of the human sort, makes babies, has adventures, and has a daughter who just happens to be uncontrollably curious, a tad mischievous, befriends dragons, fights evil nasty guys, almost dies, and saves her father and incidentally the world?? HUH? HUH?? Well... explain...

I mean where else can you read about goat-pixies? Well?

Hey, I have the rejections that prove it's good! The last one said, ahem, "Excellent read, very entertaining and a lot of fun." Unfortunately, Baen doesn't "do" pixies. Well, I'm waiting …. Okay, so I won't wait. Oh heck, just forget it. I'm going to go pout!

However, Yipee for Buff. I hope she sells her book!

Miss Snark said...

the thing for Buff the Squirrel was differen than the req for girl werewolves.

Sorry for the confusion.

I like pixies.
I like goats.
I like poodles.
I don't sell them, but I like them.

wv: (I swear this is true) bf doa

B.E. Sanderson said...

That's why Man made gmail and hotmail and any number of internet mail systems that filter spam and other nasty things. I get about one piece of spam-mail in my Outlook a month, if that. Everything else hits gmail and gets flushed.

I can't understand why a person wouldn't put their e-mail on a query letter, though. It's not like reputable agents have time to sell e-mail lists to spammers, or that they'd be spamming you themselves. *shrug*

I hope the people in question contact you, MS. (Actually, I wish I were one of the people in question... C'est la vie.)

kaolin fire said...

Sqrl's been dispatched. I've been distracting her, today.

BuffySquirrel said...

*wakes up with another start*

What? First Evil Editor wants me, now Miss Snark?

*faints dead away*

Kristi said...

If werewolf girl doesn't claim her agent, I volunteer my services stealing her idea. You can find me at here-in-idaho.com, where my email address is as easy to find as a disappointed seventeen-year-old on prom night.

That's here-in-idaho.com. Call me.

Chumplet said...

Oh, Buffy, I just emailed you. I see that the Mission is Accomplished. Don't forget to tell us what this is all about!

If you're being offered road kill stuffed and mounted to look like a vampire squirrel... well, never mind.

heidi said...


Buffy's getting lucky, thanks to Miss Snark and serendipity?

Man, I'm impressed.

P.S. to anyone interested in dead cats. I'm easily Googleable. Been online for nearly twenty years.

Don said...

So are you saying then, that if you get a query that you want pages on it and there's no e-mail address, only a SASE, you'll pass on asking for pages? I've got a super-secret e-mail address that I've set up which NOBODY has, which I could use, but I'm paranoid about e-mail not arriving: I've had too many e-mails disappear into the ether, but a piece of paper in an envelope seems always to arrive.

katiesandwich said...

*Swoons in jealousy over Buffy Squirrel's good fortune.*

Starstruck said...

That's a tad creepy to see. I've set aside my usual stuff to mull over a YA werewolf girl story ever since the crapometer. I was using it as a writing exercise to make a good hook after everything I learned here, then got myself hooked and had to start writing it.

The hook ends thusly:

"It's a campy story. About camp."

Dave said...

If you work at a business that doesn't permit you to use your name as an e-mail address because they think they own you...
if you work at a business that is sensitive and you can't post your real Identity out there (security, banking, government, etc...)
CREATE a fake name on a free e-mail service and use it.

You HAVE to reveal your real name in a query or a short story submission. It's more than slightly idiotic not to trust them.

You HAVE to reveal your real name to editors and agents if you want to sign a contract or get paid.

M. G. Tarquini said...

When I send a query, I include my name, my address, my email, my telephone number, my cell phone number, my mother's telephone number, my therapist's number, the number for the payphone in the back of my favorite watering hole, AND a reference from my manicurist.

Including my cell phone number is overkill, isn't it?

pjd said...

*Swoons in jealousy over Buffy Squirrel's good fortune.*

Hmm. Unless I missed something, Snarkums only said "And I have something Buffy Squirrel may want."

I, too, am tempted to swoon in jealousy (I get to swoon so infrequently these days), but the above sounds an awful lot like it may be followed by a ransom note.

Kit Whitfield said...

Um ... you don't need anything from me, right? I mean, I wrote a werewolf novel and BuffySquirrel posts charming comments on my blog, but I've already got an agent and publisher, so I presume I don't need to do anything? Or do I?

Good luck, sqrl!

Lorra said...

Curious how KY and MS converse. My dog Hextall talks to me too! Weirdly, Hextall's voice sounds a lot like mine. But I think that's because we spend so much time together.

Miss Snark said...

Don, no I call them up and howl mightily about the no email. Then I actually send back the SASE saying "send pages via email".

The thing is it takes too damn long. EVERYTHING is electronic these days except the actual query letter, and many agents prefer e-queries to snail mail anyway.

I'm sorry to say this but you and I are getting dragged into Cyberia whether we want to or not.

wv: goatzrule

Killer Yapp said...

I do not sound like Miss Snark.

I sound like Kathleen Turner.

Lorra said...

Two dogs, both male, sound like women.

What's the world coming to?!

Maria said...


A lot of magazines will only deal with email. (Including my first sold short on www.TheTownDrunk.org coming out March 1st!) I submitted via the form on the website. Everything was email until the contract stage--at which point she snailed it to me. There were no phone calls, and no SASEs. Yes, I had to enter my email in the form. Yes, I also put it at the top of every submission.

Make it easy for editors/agents to find you. An agent isn't going to sell your stuff to spam. Yeah, some emails get lost in the ether, but so do some snail mails.

Look into putting an email on your website that the crawlers don't pick up. There are methods for hiding it, including spelling it out with spaces and other better methods--it's doable. Make your website address one that gets forwarded to a "real" one--that way you can change the one on the webpage periodically if you need to and still have the forward mechanism get the mail to you.

BuffySquirrel said...

Congratulations are a tad premature, folks. But thanks for all the good wishes :).

BenPanced said...

So, I'm guessing include an email address on a snail mail query regardless, correct?

Don said...

Well, once I have some offline contact, I'm more than happy to do e-mail. It's not a case of being a luddite: I was doing e-mail over twenty years ago(!) In fact, there's an internet posting (from before it was called the internet) that one could find with a bit of searching dated 21 April 1986. I've just had verifiable cases recently of e-mail not working which makes me paranoid about this. When I establish a more writerly presence, there will be a contact form to send me e-mail (I have one on my personal site already), but I look at the 1000+ spam messages that come in per DAY on the e-mail addresses which have appeared on web pages and I have no desire to ever publish an e-mail address again. There will have to be some micropayment scheme or verification on e-mail and soon, or e-mail will be a completely useless way of communicating. It's almost there now.

Southern Writer said...

Yapp, Kathleen Turner? Sure, she's got a smokey, sultry voice, but she's female. I hoped you would sound a bit more like maybe ... Mickey Rourke. Give me some Body Heat baby, for about 9 1/2 Weeks.

When I was trying to contact all the devoted Snarklings to star in Miss Snark's Happy-Hooker-Crapstravaganza-
Christmas-Thank You, I couldn't help but wonder how some of these writers think an agent, editor, or publisher would contact them if they wanted to. Not all (nor many, I suspect) will go to the trouble Miss Snark has gone to here.

If you have a spam problem, I highy recommend Trend Micro PC-cillin Internet Security (I think it's about $100 a year) and AdAware (free!).

Chumplet said...

Killer Yapp said...

I do not sound like Miss Snark.

I sound like Kathleen Turner.

Does Miss Snark mind you smoking all those cigarettes to make your voice so low?

Demon Hunter said...

Miss Snark,
Hey! I've been reading your blog since 2005 and have been following your advice. Are you sure that your associate is only looking for werewolves? What about demon hunters? :*)

Shouga Tea said...

I have a girl werewolf!!!
Sort of.
So I guess I'm ahead of the contemplaters. I have the stuffs! Revisions, shmvisions; where do I key in my social security number?


Ah, brushes with fame...they always brush me off.

I'll have a business e-mail address on my website, but my blog? Some of my friends have scary friends. I don't want to inherit any wacked out ranters who think I'm on the High Road to Perdition.

Anonymous said...

Things do happen to email AND snail mail. That's why you keep good records as to where your work has gone and who's replied back. And why you check your bulk/spam/filtered mail box occasionally.

It's also why agents/editors who only respond when they aren't rejecting you make some of us quite nervous. Did we not get a reply because they didn't want our work or because the email was lost in cyberspace?

I just received a very lovely reply to a query from an agent who apologized up front for taking so long to contact me because my query had been caught in a spam filter. I had sent the query off only 15 days ago, so wasn't even starting to get worried yet. And the reply was a rejection. How's that for manners?!

Point being that even though I had prefaced my subject line with the word "Query" and my email address is a nice, normal first initial dot last name @ a popular free email site, and my name isn't linked to any email scams, the e-query had disappeared for a time.

Kim said...

When I send a query, I include my name, my address, my email, my telephone number, my cell phone number, my mother's telephone number, my therapist's number, the number for the payphone in the back of my favorite watering hole, AND a reference from my manicurist.

Including my cell phone number is overkill, isn't it?

Hee hee... What about the manucurist's number? Ya gotta have THAT one!

word ver - snipeahq - i don't know what it means, but it's a good one!

Anonymous said...

I have werewolf. Not YA, definitely dark and not fluffy. The De-vine Miss S read my older query over on Elektra's Crapometer. I thought I had my email up, but alas, I was wrong. 'Tis fixed, but again, not YA. It's more of a "dark romance/romantic horror".

Nora said...

In fairness to the girl werewolf novel author: it's easy to think that just because you put an email address into your Blogger profile, that email address will be available to everyone. Apparently you have to check a little box that allows them to make your email public.


Wish I had a girl werewolf novel.

wv: dglfas. dogfellas?