well loved, dearly missed, and a call to action

The mystery world is still stunned by the terrible news about Barbara Seranella. Over and over on the DorothyL list people talk about her kindness and generorisy of spirit to new writers, people just starting out, and fans.

I posted a link to a piece Barbara wrote about the coming year. It's been reprinted, and is more accessible here

In one of those coincidences, I was on the subway today and there was an ad from the NY Eyebank saying Jerry Orbach, a great and wonderful actor and New Yorker, had donated his eyes after his death. He's gone now, but two people can see because of his generosity.

Please consider being an organ donor.
Here's where to go for more information.


Scribbler said...

I am happy to say I have been an organ donor since before I got my license (I've made my wishes very clear to my family).

My cousin was born prematurely and someday will need a heart and lung transplant. The grandson of my supervisor is three years old (I believe), and waiting for a donor, as well (kidney, I believe).

cm allison said...

It's SOOOOOO easy to sign up as an organ donor. I've told everyone, had it noted in my medical fiels and on my driver's license. Then just forget it until you no longer need any parts. I concur with MS< please, if not already, become a donor.

Don said...

It's important to talk about organ donation with your loved ones and let them know about your wishes. Just because you've got the checkbox on your driver's license doesn't mean that they'll automatically take your organs after you die, they still need permission from your next of kin. So talk to your kids, parents, spouse, so, whatever it takes to make sure that your wishes are met.

takoda said...

Hi, This is a very good discussion. I am also wondering why more people aren't donors. Are there religious reasons? Other reasons based on fear? --I know two people who aren't donors because they're afraid if they're clinging to life, the attending doctor may want to harvest their organs and not 'work as hard to keep them alive.'

Maybe some kind of Q&A sheet distributed by the MVAs across the country would help get more people to sign up. It is a big decision, and not one to be made without appropriate information.

I'm a donor, but it wasn't easy to check that box. But now that I did it, I feel very good about that decision.

Alley Splat said...

Sory to sound morbid, but fwiw:

My sister died recently. One of the things that kept her going through what was a very tough final year was the knowledge that after she died she would be able to be an organ donor. For her it signified a kind of future, and it was great for the person who got new corneas.

So yes, please do sign up if you possibly can.

Anonymous said...

In today's Philadelphia Inquirer - A minister, a rabbi, and a gift of life
By Michael Vitez



Maprilynne said...

I LOVE Jerry Orbach. However, I did not realize until about a year ago, that he does the voice of Lumiere in Disney's Beauty and the Beast. No matter how often I watch that movie (with my little daughter, I promise) I cannot see that distinguished, every-dad face in cassanova-gone-french-candlestick. But I get the biggest kick out of just knowing it's him.

Why am I not surprised he did somethng like donate his organs after his death?

RIP Jerry Orbach.

And yes, I am a proud donor.:)

Unfortunately, the rumor still circulates that if you say on your license that you are a donor, the doctors will not work as hard to save you. (Which is 187% B.S.! Trust me!) Also, so many people don't like to think of their own deaths. You know, denial.

However, that leads to a lot of waste. Thank you MS for posting this. Awareness is everything!!


Cara said...

I find it comforting that should the need arise, there are many donors out there for my family.

So, if you are willing to accept
and organ, it is only good that you donate when you no longer need them.

My husband didn't like my checking the box to be an organ donor, but when I posed that question to him, would he turn down and organ for one of our children, he understood and checked his box too.

nitwitness said...

Hmmm....yeah, well just make sure the doctors agree that you're dead before they part you out. Had a nasty experience regarding a surgeon and a neurologist who couldn't agree on what they considered 'brain dead'. The surgeon kept trying to talk my sister into signing the forms for her daughter until the neurologist came in with 'hopeful news' that the brain scan showed some activity.

Sorry to be a downer on this but it's not always roses and kittens.

Talia Mana, Centre for Emotional Well-Being said...

I am really shocked that Seranella passed away. I thought she was on the road to recovery and had no idea she needed a third transplant. I really enjoyed her books. I thought they were very original in concept, if at times sad, especially when her cop lover sacrificed himself. Awwwwww I will miss her books. Her personality shone through. I liked the idea that she recovered from addiction and built a positive life for herself. She was a great role model