Attention Squirrels


Kate said...

I think I should make good use of this so-called northeast 'blizzard' and make one of those right outside! :D

Stephen Parrish said...
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Torrey Meeks said...

It looks like a rendition of Yapp through the Liberace filter.

Rainbow's Margarite said...

Ah Killer,
You look SO tough yet chic, my little heart is all a-pitter-patter.
Maggie Bichon

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, are those squirrel scalps hanging from the merciless KY's neck? That is one bad medicine poodle.

dink said...

oh man!

little cartoon hearts are floating out of my head~

I have also learned to turn my chair before reading--I now just spray my coffee on my printer.

Happy V-day to the Pink Tammed One and his awe-ful mistress.

Natalie said...

Our Bichon has little snow-dingleberries on his legs, underside, you name it.
Poor thing is just too short to romp through a couple of inches.
He's just a puppy.
I'm pretty sure he'd run in the other direction if he saw a squirrel. The coyote's howl sends him running into the house.
He has no Man-Bichon role models.

Kaolin Fire said...

That's adorable! :)

Anonymous said...

Hope he's recovered from Miss Vickie not winning best in show last night!!

snarkfodder said...

Anonymous #1:

Tails. :)

about a boy said...

shes so cute!

Dave said...

I once owned a little ten pound furball who thought he was king of everything in the yard.

A collar of squirrel tales, each with a tail to tell.

Mispelling the words - 2 cents.

rent-a-rodent said...

We are Not Amused. Beware of bushy-tailed ninja squirrel posses bearing AK-47s.

Rainbow's Margarite said...

Should my brother and I come and show him how to tackle squirrels, horses, chickens and other assorted critters? (I'm on gopher patrol right now.)

As for the snow "dingle-berries", I still get them (and I'm nearly two) and so does my BIG brother!

Maggie Bichon

BuffySquirrel said...

Well, ya got our attention. Whaddya want next, a light?

David Greene said...

Love the cigar!

My blog entry about my dog vs. squirrel (with a garden slant): The Canine Being

Natalie said...

Maggie Bichon,

Sure. Mojo can teach ya'll how to wrangle a six year old boy.

Just so you know... he's got the bug-thing down.

He's also pretty good at imitating a squirrel when he does that sit-up on his hind legs thing.