Contact info format

Dear Miss Snark –

I’ve searched the snarkives but haven’t found an answer to my question: How/when does one mention one’s website in a query? Should it be slipped innocuously in with the postal information? For example:

FirstName LastName
Street Address
City, State Zip
e-mail address

Or is there some other method? And should this be included from the get go or only with partials/fulls?

That works for me. At the query stage, follow standard business letter format. If you don't create a letterhead format, all the info under the signature is fine. The only problem is when you have eye, one, and el or oh or zero in your email address. Make SURE it's clear what's what. And try not to have your signature obscure any of the email address either. I see one of these kinds of screw ups at least once a month.


Anonymous said...

I have a friend who lives in Chelsea, where the zip is l00ll, and he uses that as part of his e-mail address. The e-mails kept bouncing back and I didn't know why. I was taught in typing that l can also be used as one...not when it comes to e-mail. One is one and el is el.

roach said...

Thank you Miss Snark. All the talk in other posts about having a web presence, etc. was giving me one more thing to obsess about (instead of, you know, writing).

Craig Steffen said...

I find that using Courier font for e-mail addresses and URLs is generally best. That has serifs on both "el"s and "one"s, making them quite distinguishable, and I think the zero has a dot in the middle.