Crapometer for synopses

Dear Miss Snark,

I've searched your blog and archives for discussions about how to write a synopsis. I saw only the hooks, queries, and cover letters. Did you ever do a crap-o-meter for synopsis (sorry, I don't know how to make this plural)?

Can you recommend a general format for fiction? I've seen several variations on different writing sites. Does it always have to be written in the present tense, told in omniscent view?

Oh Miss Snark is crushed beyond measure that you missed the synopsis snarkfest that led to one of the great "famous last words" laugh of all times.

You can find the synopsis crapometer by clicking on crapometer-synopsis post label

To find the incredibly fabulous "famous last words" you'll need to click here


takoda said...

The synopsEs were very helpful! Thanks!

Does anyone know if Miss Snark posted a formula for synopsEs like she did with the hooks? "When X meets Y and all Z breaks loose"

Anonymous said...

Can you recommend a general format for fiction? I've seen several variations on different writing sites. Does it always have to be written in the present tense, told in omniscent view?
No, no, no. There is no general form. All tenses and views are allowed, but some work better than others depending on the writer. Generally speaking, you should stick to past tense in fiction and use either a first or third person view.

You don't always have to use present tense. In fact it's quite uncommon as it sounds unnatural to a lot of readers.

Demon Hunter said...

Miss Snark,
That video was cool. It was great! Funny too...I liked it...

wop-sided said...

WOW! How could I have missed that video?!
Just wonderful!

Katie said...

Oh, that video is so cute! Miss Snark, did your heart grow two sizes that day?

Anonymous said...


Probably quicker to hit this site and see that synopsis pluralized is synopses than it is to write all those words to apologize for not knowing how to pluralize it.

Anonymous said...

synopsis - singular
synopses - plural

Ryan field said...

This X, Y and Z thing has certainly produced an interesting state of affairs :)

You've got a good book title there:


McKoala said...

I think it was: When X Meets Y and all L breaks loose...

Twill said...

Sigh. Anonymous Post 2, the writer was obviously asking about synopses, not about fiction in general.

Synopses are almost always written in present tense, third person, regardless of whether the book is 1-2-3 past or present.

takoda said...

Hi Anon--Yeah, I know dictionarys are ewsful!
When I'm on the computer, I usually have my 2 kids hanging off me or creating general disturbances. My question was about 'writing' synopsEs. --grin--

Twill, I got that about the present tense and third person. Seeing the postings on the crapometer helped a lot. Thanks!

But, I'm not able to see all of them on my computer. Once I get down to number 80 something, there's no link at the bottom of the page to see the ones that came before.

Anonymous said...

Takoda--look at the date of that last entry and then use the dated archives on the sidebar to find the rest. Don't know if that's how we're "supposed to" do it, but it worked for me :-)

Anonymous said...

"My question was about 'writing' synopsEs."

I can see it now: when this person sends in a ms. filled with typos and a prospective agent points out the lack of attention to important detail, the response will be "But I'm trying to sell my writing, not my spelling."

takoda said...

"But I'm trying to sell my writing, not my spelling."

It's true! Alas, I'm working to improve. How do you make plural these words:


Because I need a sentence that basically says:

To the bunch of anonymouses who are obviously literary noblesses, we all hope our writing goes through anthesises.

Thanks so much!

Soleta said...

Thank you for the link to the synopsis tag. Is there a page with a list of all available tags? I've finished going through the archives and a tags list would be helpful.

Also, I got to the bottom of the first page in the synopsis tag (to entry #82) and there's no 'back' link to read the rest now. Any ideas how I can access these? Thank you! I just started reading this blog a week ago and it's very helpful.

takoda - The plural of 'thesis' is 'theses', so the plural of 'antithesis' is 'antitheses.'

Anonymous said...

My friend and I saw your Yuletide message and he asked if I could send you this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0d_t6O5U6I

He's being a fool, but he's like that. I think it was your picture which inspired this tribute.

Twill said...

Since anonymous is an adjective rather than a noun, technically it doesn't have a plural in English. Thus, any word you create is slang, so you can be creative.

A typical construction would be anonymous's or "anonymous"s,
with or without a capital A.

Your anonymouses works pretty well, especially if you are trying to imply that they are cowards.

Noblesse is a French word for nobility. I don't know the French declination. Its form would lead me to believe that, if it were in common use in English, your plural noblesses would be correct.