End run

Dear Miss Snark:

If an agent doesn't keep a client informed on the status of a book and rarely answers infrequent emails, is it ever all right for a writer to contact editors? You may be wondering why I don't fire my agent, and believe me I'm thinking about it.

A big hello to KY from me.

If the book is sold to a specific editor at a publisher, yes.

If the book is on submission, no.

If your agent isn't answering your emails, get on the phone. If s/he isn't answering the phone, write a letter.

Remember though, publishing moves at a glacial speed and there simply may be nothing new to say.

That said, one of my biggest rants is agents who treat clients like they are a pain in the ass. Even if they are, they're the ones writing the stuff that brings in the money, and answering their emails is one of the requirements of the job.

KY wants you to know he offers agent contacting services at a discount rate to blog readers. First bite is free.


Anonymous said...

What is it with some agents? I know a lot of writers who are fed up with getting little word about the status of their submissions and rude treatment when they dare to ask questions. This after seeing other writers post to their blogs about how amazingly responsive their agents are. I know of quite a few agents who are getting fired right now or are close to it. Sad thing is, it probably doesn't matter to them because they have other writers clamoring to get on their list.

Anonymous said...

Seems like agents who treat their clients like PITAs are also likely to be the same ones who have a "no response" policy to query-letter writers. Writers are those annoying people who keep sending them things, and if they would just leave them alone, the agent would be able to work, damn it!

Anonymous said...

First bite is the deepest...

lizzie26 said...

Anonymous #1 said "Sad thing is, it probably doesn't matter to them because they have other writers clamoring to get on their list."

Unfortunately, it's true for some agents.

Greta LaGarbeaux said...

Oh, yes! When K to the Yapp is on the case, no negligent agent will roam. Lock it down, dawg.