I gotcher toil riiiiiight here

Dear Miss Snark,

I have been searching for a literary agent to represent me and a controversial non-fiction history work. I wonder if you function in that area, as I saw you listing your field as agriculture. Perhaps you can steer me in the correct direction.

That's the thing about us lilies of the field. We neither toil nor spin. Emphais on that toil thing.


Marissa Doyle said...

Huh. So does shoveling manure into the Crap-o-meter qualify as agricultural work?

I'm not sure bib overalls go well with stilettos.

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

A controversial book about agriculture? So, we're growing naughty weeds and mushrooms? Or what?

Or is this about how organic farmers steal horse pucky from their neighbour's pasture? (shouldn't that be "farmers who grow organically"? Nope, that doesn't work either.)

Is it based on that headline in the Kittson County Herald-Examiner-Post-Argus-News-Chronicle: "Ten Norwegians Held in Horse Pucky Theft Ring"? (Yes, I know the headline implies that the Nefarious Norwegians are being held within a ring of pucky, but you have to understand Minnesota Newspaper Talk.

Post two pages somewhere so I can assuage my curiosity. Is assuage really a word? Probably shouldn't be. ... Let's cancel its place in the OED.

Anonymous said...

I tried a naughty mushroom in college. Woke up the next morning on someone's floor with a guy staring at me. He swears nothing happened.

Poodle Girl - who is now decidedly anti-fungi

December Quinn said...

Well of course Miss Snark's field is agricultural. She's so obviously a country girl at heart.

Can't you all just see KY herding sheep while Miss S drives the tractor in her stilettos?

~Nancy said...

Can't you all just see KY herding sheep while Miss S drives the tractor in her stilettos?

If KY was a border collie. :-)


Rainbow's Margarite said...

I'll have you know, Miss Nancy, I herd the horses! (and my brother only helps a little....) Horses are MUCH bigger, smarter, and less responsive to dog talk than stupid pasture maggots.
Maggie Bichon