KY contemplates stardom

Killer Yapp: Miss Snark! Miss Snark!

MS: KY, what is it, I thought you were reading query letters?

KY: Not! Right! For! Me!

MS: One too many squirrelley letters today, huh?

KY: Yes! Yes! Career change!

MS: You want to get a new job?

KY: TV Star!

MS: I'll call CAA and see who represents the dog.

KY: No! No! Letterman!

MS: um...KY, I think he just signed a multi year, multi million dollar deal. Besides...he's bald. You'd have to shave your head.

KY: Never mind!


Saipan Writer said...

KY, You'd be better.

Did you (KY) attend or watch Westminster KC this year?

I'm always amazed at the beautiful variety of dogs. It inspires new characterizations for my stories.

Cynthia Bronco said...


Rainbow's Margarite said...

Dear KY,
Please, you would be sooo much better, I agree. Besides, pugs are actually aliens in disguise, remember? You are much cuter as you are.
Maggie Bichon

Zany Mom said...

Griffs are waaay cuter than pugs. And they don't snore, either.