Oh you clever pranksters

Dear Miss Snark:

Love you, love your blog, love your dog, etc.

I'm going to submit my mystery novel to a manuscript contest and was wondering if you would review my one-page synopsis and first ten pages and give me your feedback.

The deadline is tomorrow.

If yes, I'll send both documents in the format you prefer.

And just now via email:

How about just the synopsis?

Once was funny.
Twice makes me think maybe you weren't joking.


Anonymous said...

What? I don't get why this isn't funny. Does this mean you won't do my homework or write the forward for my upcoming masterpeice, either? How unreasonable!!!

Nancy Beck said...

HAHAHA!! Good one, emailer.


Anonymous said...

"Love you, love your blog, love your dog, etc."

Heh, and that about sums it up.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Oh dear nitwit of the day--do you not know flattery gets you no where with Miss Snark?


It takes gin and George, baby... Gin and George. (Who, by the way, according to my husband on Oscar night, said, "Wow, Clooney is aging well!"

I'll say.

Shannon Ryan said...

Does this mean that Miss Snark will not grammar check my erotic Star Trek fan fiction?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Maybe Evil Editor can help you out...in a few days. Check Miss Snark's links.

Brian Farrey said...

PS--Oh, and Miss Snark, if after reading my materials, you feel overwhelmed by the urge to offer representation, I hope you'll understand that I can't just jump at the first agent who shows interest in my work. I'll want to take some time to feel out other offers. But thanks!

Anonymous said...

This is someone who is persistent with their idea of an amusing joke.

Anonymous said...

How about you just take a look at the font I'm using, and we'll call it a day?

Deb said...

No, no, Snarksters! Have you not heard? Do you not yet understand?

It's George, THEN gin!

Sheesh, peeps. Get it right.


BernardL said...

Agent blogs keep saying writers need to be persistent. :)

Niteowl said...

Erotic Star Trek fan fiction never needs grammar correction. What with the medley of tricorders, Prime Directives, and neoprene, no one will care about the hanging participle.

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

Miss Snark? I'm tired. Would you please spell check my MS before I send it to another agent? You'll enjoy reading it anyway. An entire girls' orphanage is wiped out by invading psychopathic Catholic priests wielding sharp ended crosses who only want the world to have young boys in it. It's 150,000 words, but I can cull it back to 149,999 in a heartbeat. Please? As I said, I'm really tired. And I really want to work with this agent. If he passes I'll still call you. Or I'll drop by.

See? I too enjoy an occasional snarkfest.

Katie Alender said...

As Ramona's grandmother used to say, "Once is funny, twice is silly, three times is a spanking."