Pub Credits surpassess SASE as the topic that will not die

Dear Miss Snark,

First, thank you for all you do to help writers. We appreciate it more than you know.

Last year a major house published one of my short stories in an anthology, and this year, it will publish another. Both of these stories are science fiction. My first novel is not sci-fi and would probably fall under the category of commercial fiction.

So, should my query mention the fact that my publishing credits are in the sci-fi genre, or just refer to them as short stories?

I'm wondering what agents think about writers who write in different genres.

You say "I have had short stories published in Mr. Spock's Guide to the Universe and Captain Kirk's Guide to Karaoke". Genre doesn't matter much. Your work has been published.

I like people who write in different genres right up until they want to start writing something I'm not good at selling.


Niteowl said...

HAH! A lot you know Miss Snark. Everyone knows that "Capt. Kirk's Guide To Karaoke" only accepts haikus (latin, esperanto, and Eastern Australian Standardized Sign Language) in which industrial awning waterproof techniques must play a central role.

Anonymous said...

Genres are too fuzzy anyway. If there's anything you can commercial fiction it's sci-fi.