HRH Miss Snark,
Would it be more helpful or harmful to mention my novel's promotional website, still in its beta, in queries? If you're curious (URL redacted)

(Mr. Sulu, full power to all shields.)

I'm going to do you what I think is a big favor and not print your URL. It's the kind of website that brings out the snark in Snarklings and I'm not sure...no, I KNOW you're not ready for that.

You've posted a terrible hook, a plea for agents, and pictures of yourself that are clearly taken by an amateur. If it had a good hook, a simple email address and pictures of you naked...err..I mean, not standing by your car, it would be more compelling.

There are 675 posts about hooks and thanks to google you can see them all by clicking on the "crapometer" label on the blog.

Websites aren't bad things but when you post bad writing, you shoot yourself in the foot with all those guns you show on the other page.

You should also use the website to augment what you say in a query, not just repeat it.

Clue for the day: write well, and not just on your query and pages, but on your website too


Ryan Field said...

Naked always works.

Joanne said...
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Kerry Allen said...

If you think "naked always works," you haven't seen the naked people I have...

Kanani said...

I know it's fashionable to use a blog as a public diary, but it's smarter to use it as a platform to show people what you can do.
Only write when you have something truly worth saying, then, like any other piece that you write, edit and refine before posting it.

Write essays, fiction, non fiction. Write reviews. Build that body of work.

Heidi the Hick said...

If you do a website, make it good. I am impatient, fickle, and according to my husband, have an undiagnosed attention deficit disorder; I am not going to stay at a crappy website long enough to find anything worth seeing in it.

I stumbled upon a writer's site last week which looked very profesh, however... boring and useless and quite misleading. It was all about her unpublished stuff. Duh. No typos, no mistakes, but there was nothing there.

Make it worth our time.

Daisy said...

On an only tangentially related note: Why is it that nudists are never the people you would actually want to see naked?

angrylil'asiangirl said...

i'm dying to see the person's website now. is it that cheesy?!

and since when does miss snark actually want to protect hapless others from snarkiness?

i must see this site!

katiesandwich said...

I think kanani's right about it being a good idea to use a blog as something other than a public diary. Surprisingly, some of the most boring blogs I've ever read are writer's blogs. There's nothing wrong with keeping a public diary, of course, but if you want to use the blog to showcase your writing or ideas, it's better if you have something more to offer, in my opinion.