Xclamation point

An agent's blog that I read regularly is going to be doing something similar to a crapometer (imitation is the best form of flattery, after all). This agent currently has one of my queries, but I have not yet received a response on it. Should I try get my hook into her crapometer and get suggestions on making it better? Or just wait and hope for something more than a form back from her on the paper query I already sent? On the one hand, I want her to know how seriously I take writing and that I would value her opinion; on the other, I fear looking like a clueless nitwit to an agent that I would quite seriously be willing to take a shot from the cluegun for.

You'd be an utter nitwit to miss a chance to have her look at your hook. Any kind of feedback from her is worth its weight in gold. She's smart, she sells a lot, and she's not snarky about her critiques. There's no down side.

Get cracking. Polish that hook. Don't be a nitwit.

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Kit Whitfield said...

Good luck, by the way :-)