Anonymous at the Eponymous

Dear Miss Snark,

After querying my favorite agent, who heads an eponymous agency, I received a response a few weeks later -- except it wasn't from the agent, or any other agent there. Could it be a reader? A secretary? I dunno, but this mystery person thanked me for the query and said, "I've read your material, and am not enthusiastic enough about it to feel that we're the agency for you."

Now, I dunno, do small agencies make group rejections, like, is this basically a rejection from all 2 or 3 agents at the entire agency? Should I query the others, or have I already been permanently shown the door?

You're done. It doesn't matter who read or signed the letter. Look at what it says:
"not right for me" leaves some wiggle room but "we're not the agency for you" is pretty much the game, set and match.

Quit focusing on favorites and play the field. Query widely.


Kit Whitfield said...

Most likely a PA, or some other non-featured attraction. Agency publicity doesn't list every employee, just the agents themselves, but there are others working there who might get trusted with reading submissions. The slush pile is always huge, agents' assistants are educated and intelligent people who are frequently on their way to becoming agents themselves, and under such circumstances, it's not unreasonable for an agent sometimes to say 'Have a look at the slush pile and let me know if you see anything I might like.'

Never mind. There are other agencies. Just keep on truckin', and good luck.

Anonymous said...

It took me 3 dictionary's, but I finally found the definition of "eponymous". Thanks for jumpstarting my week!

Katerina said...

I think there is no point writing off the whole agency because of one rejection from an assistant. If you like other agents there, I'd go ahead and query them after a month or so. Maybe the assistant does not work for every agent or will no longer be employed there or won't remember your query. I don't think there are enough agents out there to give up so easily on whole agencies. Good luck!