Chain chain chain, chain of fools

Dear Miss Snark,

I thought you'd enjoy the advice Donnell Bell, an RWA Golden Heart finalist, received from her husband. "He said that when we send out queries to agents, we should make it like a chain letter and instruct the agent to send our query to ten more agents, and then have the ten more agents send it to twenty more agents."

Another writer friend suggested we add "forwarding this letter to twenty of your agent friends will bring you twenty years of good luck. However, breaking the chain may bring corresponding years of bad luck".

Donnell said I could use her name, but she's afraid you'll eat her alive. I told her not to worry, you have a sense of humor and will know it's a joke. Um, you do, don't you?

Miss Snark is notoriously humorless of course, but KY appears to be having some sort of beastial laugh riot on the floor.

I think this is a splendid idea.

It begs the question though of what happens when someone actually WANTS your work. Do they sign up for seven years of bad luck by not forwarding it, hoping that you will be able to reverse the curse? And what happens when you get the same letter back? Do you get 40 years of bad luck for breaking the chain then?

Clearly beta testing is needed. I'm pretty sure some of colleagues will step up to the plate to volunteer. Heck it beats being killed 96 times like poor Dan Lazar!


Edie said...

Donnell can stop shaking now, thank dog. I'm glad this amused you and KY.

Anonymous said...

I'm certain it's not true. But I've heard Miss Snark has thrown over Mr. Clooney for Dan Lazar. Can it be? No doubt, Lazar's cute and smart but I've never seen him on the cover of People. Me thinks she does mention him over much; it must be true.

Anonymous said...

Of course, people who want the manuscript are free to break the chain, but if they pass up a partial, they'll have to forward still.

Liz Kreger said...

Way funny. I'd love to see the look on faces if something like that came through.

Thanx for starting my day off with a chuckle.

Anonymous said...

No doubt, Lazar's cute and smart but I've never seen him on the cover of People.

I just Googled him. He is cute!

Saipan Writer said...

LOL--both at the idea of chain letters to agents and the post title.

So in my next series of letters to agents, I'll add the "chain" and delicately point out that I am following Miss Snark's advice in doing so. Okay?