Fools, and angels rushing, fearing, treading

A new site that reviews POD books!

I'll be interested to see how it goes.


Niteowl said...

And but for the grace of god goes (s)he

Maya Reynolds said...

I posted a lengthy comment to POD Critic's blog. Don't know how long it will last there.

If POD Critic wants to fill the hole POD-dy Mouth left, he needs to narrow his focus. A goal of finding and promoting quality POD books is viable. A goal of overhauling the business model is a wee bit ambitious IMHO.

Dick Margulis said...

Let's review. Print-on-demand is a technology. Major publishers use it. Small publishers, including independent self-publishers, use it. And vanity presses use it.

However, when the vanity (or "subsidy") publishers use it, they do so as part of what they call publish-on-demand. This name is intended to make "POD" ambiguous and confusing. Is a "POD" book one that Aunt Tillie paid PublishAmerica to allegedly "publish" for her or one that a real publishing house decided not to warehouse anymore but is perfectly willing to sell from its backlist by printing it on demand.

Until bloggers and critics can keep the distinction clear in their own heads (rightfully disdaining the vanity presses' so-called publishing on demand), how on earth can we expect anything like a rational discussion of the subject?

And while we're on the subject, remember that a few companies, such as lulu.com, are happy to work both sides of the street, offering both vanity publishing and contract printing on demand.

Dave Kuzminski said...

Anyone know of any new ebook review sites?

Tabitha said...

All competent iUniverse authors are welcome at my review blog that has been around since July '06. There is not another one quite like it. I accept only iU books. Most genres and types are accepted, and most of my readers and authors probably arrive from the far side of the Baby Boomer hill. Legitimate reviews are available only for authors who have put genuine effort into the quality of their products. You think I'm joking? Read the posts for yourself. You can click the link from POD Critic's blog. Thank you.