Idols of March Writing Contest-the PRIZE!!


Sue said...

I'm guessing this is a book recommendation? I hate your book recommendations. They are always good books. I always must read. I have no money. BAH! I spend anyway.

Anonymous said...

One word - library.

It is not uncool and there are some damn fine sexies there - also with no money.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sue,

No no no --- Do not read this book. Do not even enter the contest. GO NOW to your closest bookstore and purchase


You must read them in ORDER to get the Full Reacher Monty. You will then find yourself reading every Reacher book, one after another, like a great greedy gobbling monster, and then you will be ticked with Lee Child for not writing faster.

A Purist

Sue said...

Dear Purist -- I shall obey.

Dear Anonymous -- I hear you, but my local library $uck$