IOM #14

Pretending to be a griffin, did KY tip the gin pail, leaving Miss Snark to her own devices after the Ides of March? Was she sidetracked by the perky pack belting their hearts out on American Idol?

Genuflecting, I brought vermouth and olives, ever hopeful. If Jack Reacher doesn't stalk me and a moonbeam shines my way, Dan and snazzy Snark may take note, wave the magic wand, elevate my writing. Breaking that curse, screamed by my professor upon reading my prose, "Lazar! Lazar!" I prayed, "Helicopter. Lord send a helicopter. Remove me from merciless taunts, bad luck and trouble."

Just FYI, the Snarkly Gin Pail has a patented security device that keeps it from ever tipping over.

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