IOM #15

Miss Snark was short and direct, although she wore heels to compensate.

"This submission, TWO-HANDED REACHER: LOAD UP AT THE BANQUET OF LOVE, has all the grace of a griffin on rollerblades after a night in the gin pail. It makes as much sense as tying a snazzy bow on a helicopter and flying it to Uranus to catch a moonbeam."

Dan Lazar, a gentleman, ignored what he hoped was merely a planetary malapropism and boldly countered with his trump card.

"I'll tell Clooney you'll pass, then?"

Miss Snark answered with her usual aplomb.

"Rules, schmules. I'll take him...it."

Why does Dan Lazar represent Mr. Clooney in this story?? This is HERESY!!!!!!
Steaks will be burned!

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