IOM #16

Reacher reached for her.

“Come on.”

Moonbeam McDaniels shook her head. “I can’t leave. He’s got my manuscript.”

“Screw Dan Lazar. There are other agents. Agents with snazzy shoes and poodles.”

Moonbeam gaped. “You know her? I know she’ll love Trouble in Hollywood: Griffin and Ryan Riot when she reads it. My sources are impeccable.”

Reacher nodded. “You got it, Moonie. In an hour you’ll be at Snark Central, swilling gin, playing Pin the Tail on the Clooney.”

Smirking, he helped her into his rented helicopter. Writers were such suckers. Nitwits, even. He’d get into her pants before they landed.

KY is miffed that the shoes are snazzy but he apparantly isn't.

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Anonymous said...

Moonbeam McDaniels - I love it!!!