IOM #2

Dan Lazar sells mysteries, but on vacation just north of Moonbeam, Ontario, he became part of one. Noticing the residents gathered around a huge stone griffin in the park, he stopped an officer for information.

“It’s been on top of our courthouse for fifty years,” said the cop, a snazzy Jack Reacher type. “This morning it was here.”

“How they move it, with a crane or a helicopter?”

“Neither, we checked it out.”

“Then how?”

“This is the only clue we found," He held a huge eagle feather. “This, and the fact that every stray animal in town is missing.”

clever! Complete idea, and I gotta love Dan in Moonbeam!


McKoala said...

Ha! Neat.

Heidi the Hick said...

Is Moonbeam, Ontario anywhere near Marathon, Ontario?