IOM #21


He gave the ailing '69 Valliant some gas. Nothing happened. Above him, the traffic helicopter circled, griffin-like. Damn news reachers--always fishing for a story. Well, there wasn't one here. Just a lonely, washed-up has-been stranded in the center lane of the by-pass, blocking traffic and trying to get himself killed.

That'd make good talk at the Moonbeam. He could hear it: "Damn snazzy Dan, Lazar Tag guru. Killed on his way to get some action. From a bitch."

Allie would forgive him, though. Aussies always did. If he got out of this alive.

oh yes!!!


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Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe said...

I find this strangely compelling.

McKoala said...

Are Aussies really that forgiving? Not sure I've met those ones yet.