IOM #33

Dan Lazar, her fiance--without an é because he hadn't formally proposed--rolled onto his side. Earnest brown eyes searched her face. "Kate."

"Mmmm?" She lay on her back, watching helicopter seeds on the sugar maple twirl above her.

"Kate, I've got something for you." He dangled a snazzy box above her head.

She sat up, palms sweaty, stomach lurching. "Dan?" She clumsily opened the box, inside sat a moonbeam ring, a griffin etched into the band.

His lips twitched, holding back a smirk. "You reacher!" She punched him, pushed the ring onto her first finger. They collapsed back laughing.

I'm not sure what helicopter seeds are, but I find it hilarious that the idea of a proposal from Dan Lazar makes your stomach lurch.

Boy oh boy do I hope Dan thinks this is funny, or my AAR dues are going to mysteriously quadruple.


Anonymous said...

why is he holding back a smirk? Is this one of those misuses of the word, or is he actually smirking?

Nice use of helicopter.

Jacob H said...

Not my submission, but here's a picture of helicopter seeds:


When they fall they spin like a helicopter. Kinda sad I didn't think of this use of helicopter.

Props to the author. ;)

Anonymous said...

Maple tree seed pods are often nicknamed 'helicopters' because they twirl like the blades of a helicopter as they fall.

Anonymous said...

A pretty picture of helicopter seeds.


Melissa said...

Yeah, I meant smirk. And thanks for the props. :)

Sorry about the lurching stomach Dan,...I meant lurching more in line with butterflies if it makes you feel any better. lol



ps Miss Snark do you think that apology was sufficient to keep your dues down next year or do I need to start groveling?