IOM #36

Tony spoke before she could tell him she was sleeping. "Hey, do you remember Bob Lazar?"

"Russian, built his own helicopter?


Claire yawned. "Invented that grabby thing, The Reacher? The Grabber?"

"No. Bob Lazar claimed he worked at Area 51."

"Ok. Your point?"

"Wasn't his brother Dan Lazar?" Tony always said things in a roundabout way.

"Dan Lazar? How would I know?"

"Dan Lazar claimed he ran around Buckingham palace wearing Merv Griffin's underwear and a bad toupee."

"Your point?"

"I got his mail."

"Anything good?"

"It contains boxer shorts and a wig, from Queen Elizabeth II."


This actually explains a LOT!


Anonymous said...

Lots of crossdressing in these entries!

Anonymous said...

Strange, but somehow compelling. I like it. Gets the words in really well.

Miss Snark, is Mr. Lazar the sort of person who sues?

Anonymous said...

Missing 'moonbeam,' but this is my favorite so far. Short and funny.