IOM #39

By Monday, Dan Lazar’s trigger finger ached. One more minor hit before he trailed Jack “The Major” Reacher. Let’s bust up a church, said Miss Snark.

Moonbeam waited in the sloped lot outside the Snazzy Ali-KaBazzy Church of the Darryl Lect. Nice of her, but she was the last minor hit.

As the St. Mary’s helicopter picked up Moonbeam, Griffin smuggled The Major’s sperm bank donations out the church’s back door. Then, it made sense. The fragments, the sloped plot, the gin fizz. Dan Lazar holstered his gun and turned to Miss Snark. “Not right for me,” he sighed.

well, ok, there was no stated rule that the story should make actual, yanno..sense.

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Dave Fragments said...

this is really great stuff - like new age mystic manure - all smell and no substances.

but seriously, author, very good, very, very good.