IOM #44

"The Encounter"

HMS *Reacher* chased the enemy *Persuader* across four sectors the hard way and running blind. Close enough to fire the Dan Lazar several times but, without fail, bad luck and trouble.

Falling out of hyperspace, prey and predator approached the only habitable planet in the star system and dove into its atmosphere.

Suddenly, a loud *clang* from belowdecks. Deafening alarms screamed like an echo burning.

"The tripwire!" exclaimed Lady Moonbeam. "Intruders!"

Sub-lieutenant Winthope's moustache bristled. "One shot is all I need," the security officer growled, "or die trying."

"Snazzy," muttered Captain Sir George Smythe Griffin. "Prepare my helicopter."

alrighty then....


Anonymous said...

But Miss Snark, this entry (and the previous one too, I think) used all the Reacher titles!

Miss Snark said...

Blogger is blocking me from signing in so I have to stop till they figure out I"m not a spammer.


Sorry y'all

Anonymous said...

Fifth Dan Lazar Reacher spun on carbon fiber from her helicopter, silvered in moonbeam. The bony ridge of her right foot struck the rising griffin in a snazzy snap kick to the larynx that disemvoweled the monster. "Ow!" yelped Lazar, flung backward in a demonstration of Newton's Third Law of Motion. "W!' shrieked the griffin. "W! W! W! Sht!"

Sandra Cormier said...

I was wondering why 'tripwire' showed up twice.