IOM #5

Stamped: A Cautionary Tale
By Jaye Wells

Detective Reacher shook his head when he saw the envelope crumpled in Dan Lazar's lifeless hand. A single moonbeam illuminated the victim's blackened tongue.

"Another agent dead," said Reacher. "What's this world coming to?"

The Griffin strikes again, he thought. The killer's snazzy moniker had been chosen by the very media parasites whose helicopters flew overhead.

Sickened by the senseless of it all, Reacher walked away. Reporters shoved mics in his face, demanding answers.

Reacher looked into the nearest camera. "When all agents finally accept email submissions, these senseless S.A.S.E. poisonings will end."

Miss Snark is suitably chastened.


cheryl said...

I like!

Anonymous said...


Chris said...

The buzz words fit in almost seamlessly. Great stuff.

M. G. Tarquini said...

You got me laughing, Jaye.

McKoala said...


islandgrovepress said...

Heaven forbid if Miss Snark catches the oxymoron in that very first paragraph.
Want to take a course from a moron, Jaye? Try me.


kathie said...

Dearest Jaye,
I love it! As usual you bring a chuckle out in me.

omg said...


Scott said...

Let this be a lesson to everyone!