IOM #8

Dan Lazar looked up to see Reacher’s large frame stretched on his snazzy new couch.

“No.” Reacher said. He sat in darkness, but for one stray moon beam illuminating cold blue eyes.

“Hear me out…”

Absolute silence.

“Every agent is looking for you.”

Silence continued, broken only by the whirring of a helicopter overhead.

“You haven’t heard the offer yet…”

“Take it to Lee.”

“He’s too busy with Griffin’s Revenge.”

“Not my problem. And don’t use the emergency code again.”

“But it was an emergency! $5 million for your memoir from Randomhouse…”

But he was speaking to thin air.

Into Thin Air...Dan Lazar's memoir!

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McKoala said...

I like this one too.

I think that Dan Lazar is going to find many inspirational titles for his memoir here...some more appropriate than others. Hope he enjoys!