It's not a conspiracy

Dear Ms. Snark,

I found an agency and, within that agency, found the particular agent who represents my type of work (young adult).

The problems:

1. The agency website and (more reliably) the 2007 Writer's Market list two different addresses to send queries to -- in different states. I don't know which address this agent would be at, though there are phone numbers I could call to try and find out.

2. The agency's information says to send any non-nonfiction query to a man who doesn't represent what I write (he does sci fi, sports, & literature).

Do I ignore the directions to "send all other snail mail queries to E.S. in Texas" and go ahead and find out where Ms. Represents My Stuff works? Or do I play it their way?

I've said it before, I'll say it again: follow the damn directions.

We are NOT trying to confuse you. We are NOT trying to trick you. We are trying to HELP you get your work to the person who is supposed to see it. Our entire livelihood depends on finding good writing. We're looking for it, and we tell you how to send it so we get it.

Follow the damn directions.


been there said...

I suppose one could admit being confused a bit in one's letter.

Linda said...

Bear in mind that the Writer's Market was already at least a year old when it hit the presses. Some of the information in it may not be current.

I use the WM is a guide, but always hit the agent's site to see what the current information is.

Robert Billing said...

Is there really an agent who does SF, sports and literature?

Does he eat fish with custard at the same time?

It just seems an odd juxtaposition to me.

the poopie says said...

I can imagine that the agency may have all non-non-fiction queries sent to one person who has the time to sort them out and forward them to the appropriate people. You have no idea where the agents may be, not all of them are necessarily in the office every day, and one person forwarding work to the others would simplify the process.

Manic Mom said...

Just call 'em. They're not gonna bite your head off if you call to ask a question.

angrylil'asiangirl said...

writers sure are crazy creatures. overanalyzing, trying to read between the black and white to find grey areas and hidden meanings and secrets.

i used to be like that.

until my bosses started to tell me to cut that crap out and to just follow the damned instructions.

geez luh-weeze.