Just passing through Nitwitville

Dear Miss Snark,

I attended a conference and pitched my book to an editor of large publishing house. She requested a hard copy of the first three and a synopsis. I sent it along with an SASE.

She emailed me and asked me to send the full via the mail. I emailed back I'd send it along and did, but I forgot to send an SASE with it. Do I email her and apologize for forgetting the SASE or leave it alone?

This is my first novel and the first time I've sent it anywhere. Will I be given the Green-guy-idiot-pass this once or am I screwed?

Send the SASE with a letter. Stuff happens. Do NOT send a mailer for the entire manuscript, send only a #10 SASE. Email her that you've done this. And keep querying agents. This will give you something to do rather than obsess about this.


Anonymous said...

I've read questions like this before here. It sounds like a lot of new writers think that agents are Untouchables. Inhuman. Mistake-free robots. Whatever. Agents make errors too. Those that cook, screw up recipes. Scuff their shoes. Burp in public (accidentally, of course). In other words, they are human. If you forget your SASE, just sent it to her/him and say oops. They won't reject a good manuscript because of a forgotten envelope.

Betsy Dornbusch said...

At my zine we have clear formatting guidelines. Some of the stories we've published have not followed guidelines. I'm the last to advise skipping the guidelines, but Miss Snark is right--good writing trumps all. No one in their right minds will hold a "business mistake" against truly great writing.

Oh, and good luck!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mis Snark, sherry and Betsy. The #10 is going out in the mail today.