"More information needed" on AQ

Some commenters wondered what 'more information is needed about this agent' meant on the AgentQuery website. So I asked. Herewith:

Dear Miss Snark,

Thanks for writing. Love you. Love your blog. Love your snarklings.

"More information is needed about this agent" on agentquery.com means just that. We don´t know everything that we´d like to about that agent, and we hope either the agent herself or her clients or someone out there in cyberland will provide us with some more insight.

Sometimes it just means we need to add the titles of the books that the agent has represented, (and we just haven't gotten around to it). Sometimes it means we don´t have all the contact information or we aren't sure about the agent's specific tastes or what she may be looking to represent.

What it DOESN'T mean is that AQ--in some way--is uncertain about the legitimacy of the agent. In other words, it is not a red flag against the agent. Our site doesn't rate agents--good or bad. That's what writer friends are for.

Thanks for checking in with us. Hope that clears things up for your snarklings. We´re always looking for updates. Lots of times, they come from the agents themselves. But more often than not, our AQ users provide the scoops. And we always love them for it.



M. G. Tarquini said...

Agent Query is da bomb. I heart agentquery.com.

Dave Kuzminski said...

Just to let folks know, P&E does the same thing. We post remarks when we'd like to have more information. Usually it's because the contact information is lacking.

David Thayer said...

Agent Query, P&E, Publishers Marketplace are good sources, noble efforts to quantify and profile agents. It's a staggering task given the dynamics of the market, business pressures and the fact that writers and agents are often divided by a common language.

Anonymous said...

Personally speaking, I saw my former agent on a list that requested more information, but I like the agent and I don't want to trash a reputation; my experience was not wholly positive, and I wouldn't recommend this person to a pal. BUT this agent is legitimate, in no way a scamster.

I didn't/don't know how to write that without "damning with faint praise" or my entire comment being seen as a negative review. At the time, it's possible I was just with this agent when brand-new.

This is the sort of situation I don't know how to handle, so I operate under the "if you can't say anything nice". I CAN say nice things, but they are nice things about the person, not the agenting.

lorra laven said...

I love agentquery.com, especially their updates. If I learn something new about an agent (that isn't on their website or is different than what is listed) I always write to tell them. They are very gracious, emailing me with a thank you every time. I'm with m. g. tarquini.

And Dave, I also love P & E - I always check your website before querying anyone. You and Victoria are prodividing a wonderful service to writers.

Thanks to all of you, including MS, for your efforts. You're fantastic people.