Paranoia, not just for loons anymore

Dear Miss Snark,

What's with the weird intentional spellings?

Pron? Dear dog? 3o? 4o0? asterix?

Is it a style thing? A search engine thing? A PG-13 thing?

Where did you see "pron"?

Dear dog is instead of "dear God" because I'm trying to quit using the name of the Lord in vain. Fuckin' A difficult to do by the way.


Asterix...well, ok, so my spelling sux.

Can you understand it?
Of course you can.

It's not an inside joke. The inside jokes involve orange cunts from Rabbitania and "fiction novel" contests.

It's not a search engine thing.

And no, it's not a pg 13 kind of thing. This blog is for grown ups. No sprout of tender years should be within eyeball range of this poodle totin', advice throwin', invective tossin' Snarkoseum.



barrettmanor said...

I think your correspondent may mean pr0n, which is an alternate way of spelling porn so the message (at least in theory) gets past e-mail filters, corporate firewalls, whatever.

Of course, that's old skul now.. ;-)

Anonymous said...

And the numbers are where you've used the letter o instead of the number zero within a several digit number.

Anonymous said...

I love "dear dog," btw. Makes me laugh every time. (I'm easily amused.)

And really, Commenter, if you're going to be paranoid, stick with the rest of us and try to figure out the arcane meaning attached to the word verification. Today's stumper: bhteuarw. Either an insult, or an obscure unit of measurement. I'm going with the former.

Anonymous said...

pR0n has shown up several times in the comments. Julie is right about its origins, and now it has devolved into gamer geek speak.

Joshilyn, closet gamer geek

Anonymous said...

I know when you fall off the wagon, you're supposed to get right back on. And dog knows I've tried to quit. But how the hell do you reprogram yourself to stop saying the F-word?

Wishwords said...

I love Dear dog, but I've heard from people in the know that "using the Lord's name in vain" does not mean use as a curse word, per se. It means using His name out of vanity, as if you have an inside track to Him, such as "God will strike you down for doing such and such." You're human; you can't know what God thinks. I think you're safe in that respect.

But Dear dog is cute. I picture KY perking up when you use it.

Nick Travers said...

I love Asterix - he's Gaul with super-human powers who fights the Romans - comic book stuff.

Sandra Cormier said...

Pron, cron, mlik, and a brewing strom... They're all lovely ways to spice up a potentially boring conversation. At the least, it test to see if the person you're talking to is actually listening.

Verification: reydy - Mr. DeVille, I'm reydy for my close up now.

Kim said...

I actually use "Dear Dog" in speech now. It gets me some weird looks from people.

Can't figure out my word ver origin - rsizitwx - a new acne medicine in wax form, perhaps?

Detail Muse said...

foggidawn said, "...if you're going to be paranoid, stick with the rest of us and try to figure out the arcane meaning attached to the word verification. Today's stumper: bhteuarw."

ha ha, that's a variant on my paranoia: that I'm targeted for especially long word verts. Glad to see yours today!

Anonymous said...

You are so funny. And I'm impressed with the substitution of "dog." Not that that was your goal or anything. :)

It heartens me, because so many people throw around God's name like it was candy at a parade. I'm no prude by any means, but I'd much rather hear the worst swearing than someone use God or Jesus wrongly. Just a personal thing. I know not everyone feels the same.