Pod-dy Mouth Retires!

And it's a sad, sad day.

I always liked to read her blog, and she introduced me to my one of my all time favorite bloggers, and writers Jamie Boud.

What I DIDN'T know was that she got FIVE HUNDRED emails a DAY!!!! That's just insane.
I thought I got a lot and I'm tipping just over 100 and that's Miss Snark's blog and Snark Central combined.


I know agents watched her blog for good books.

I know we all wanted to know who she was so we could buy and read hers.

I know she'll be greatly missed by the writers who got noticed cause she read and liked their books.

I know I'll miss her too.

Thanks for a great run.


Anonymous said...

Sad day indeed. I loved her blog, and I loved her for her generous spirit, as she hunted for undiscovered gems and brought them to the world's attention. I'll miss you, Ms. POD-dy Mouth.

kitty said...

I love this bit of wisdom from POD-dy Mouth: If you get rejected, don't take it personally. And if you get published, don't take that personally either.

I think I discovered Miss Snark from POD. I'm not surprised that she burned out. I shall miss her.

Pleeeeeze don't burn out, Miss Snark.

ORION said...

Although I too am sad- I can tell you blogging takes up a ton of valuable time that I should be spending on working on my next project.
I totally understand how one has to make that decision.
I am so impressed with the amount of time Miss Snark puts into blogging and know it is appreciated by the writing community.
Here! Here! and Kudos!

Maria said...


I loved her blog and I will miss it.
I can understand that she wants her life back, but I'll still miss it.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to POD-DY Mouth on a job well-done! Wishing her all the best.

Brady Westwater said...

What a great resource! Maybe she should ask if someone wants to continue her work - possibly as a group effort to lighten the burden, with her remaining as a contributing reviewer.

Anonymous said...

*gasp!* We will miss POD-DY Mouth. Best of luck to her in the future!

Another Dejected Writer said...

Sad day indeed. But it's also more than understandable.

Manic Mom said...

Well, that just bums me out because I've never really read much of her blog, and her acknowledgment list wowed me!

Miss Snark, please don't tell us this is a bit of foreshadowing on your part because YOU CAN'T RETIRE!!!

Ever. OK? Please.

Jo Bourne said...

Oh heck.
The e-pubbed have lost a great friend.

Art Edwards said...

The world of publishing your book POD just got a little colder.

And frankly it was pretty chilly already.

Thank you, POD-dy Mouth. You will be missed.

Art Edwards

One of the lucky ones

Chumplet said...

Aw, crap! Just when I'm getting published. I coulda used a decent review.