Reading jobs

Your Great and Marvelous Snarkiness,
I am a newbie at writing, but an old hand at reading. Read constantly.
Are there any jobs in this industry that just require reading? Could I actually make money reading?

No. Even if a job is mostly reading (slush pile sorter, MWA Best Novel judge, etc) you still have to report on what you read. And most of these jobs are unpaid anyway cause there are a LOT of people who like to read. A LOT.


Sally said...

Ah, but then there's Harriet Klausner's job as a "reviewer." ("Amazon.com's #1 Reviewer" for those in the know.) She "reads" and reviews an average of 30 books a day!

I am curious what Miss Snark thinks of Harriet Klausner, the legitimacy of her reviews (chock full of errors, obviously has NOT read books she reviews.) Does Ms. Klausner help increase book sales? If ever I have a book published, should I swallow my indignation, send her a free book and enjoy the revel in the automatic four or five stars she ALWAYS rates her reads?

RedWritingHood said...

And thank goodness for all the people that love to read. Here's a job: buyer of books.

Anonymous said...

Ha! TV development as well. I was so surprised to realize that my first job consisted of writing book report after book report.

Anonymous said...

Get your MLS, my dear. NO, librarians certainly do not read all the time, but there are definite perks, as far as proximity to new releases, etc. are concerned. And if you get to be a selector/collection development specialist, you get to choose which ones to buy, too.

Anonymous said...

Don't even get me started on Harriet Klausner. Her reviews of my books never fail to contain at least one significant error, one plot spoiler, and a LOT of evidence that she skimmed random sections of the novel and built her "review" upon the dust jacket copy. At least she's better than Kirkus, whose reviewers apparent never read the book at all.

Why publishers are legitimizing her by sending her review copies baffles me. I guess they believe no publicity is bad publicity.

Aprilynne Pike said...

Having been paid to read slush, I can also attest that, if you're not careful, it can seriously damage your enthusiasm for reading . . . Luckily I'm not doing that anymore.:)