Dear Miss Snark,

I sent out a query letter for my novel to an agent who, incredibly, replied the same day and asked for five pages. I happily agreed to send them, only to receive a rejection letter a few hours later because the story didn't draw her in as much as she had hoped. Since she's one of only two people who've requested to see more pages, I thought long and hard on the subject, and decided that I could drastically change the opening pages to make them more action-picked and more to the point.

My question is, would it be improper to requery this agent? She showed initial interest, and one would only hope that she might be interested if there were some changes to what originally didn't compel her. Just curious if I burned that bridge.

Do not re-query, particularly not this soon.
There are MANY agents. Give the others a chance.

There are ways that agents indicate they want to see re-writes, re-drafts, or re-submits and "sorry not for me" isn't one of them.


Anonymous said...

Thank you. (:

Anonymous said...

Great question, particularly because the exact same thing has happened to me in the last four days. The question for me is not when does one requery, but when does one rewrite. How many rejections does one burn through before backing off and doing a serious rewrite (especially in the Prelude and Chapter 1 to make them more exciting)?

Maprilynne said...

Based on the wording of your question, I am pretty darn sure I know which agent this is and she has a lo-o-o-o-o-ng memory. I was seriously impressed. After my initial query I queried her with another book almost six months later in a new genre, from a different e-mail address, and after moving out of state (wasn't trying to trick her, that's just how the circumstances ended up.) And she remembered who I was and mentioned the title of the last book I'd queried her with.

So yeah, don' query her again so soon.:)