Status reports on partials/fulls

Hello Ms. Snark,

I attended a conference in January in which six agents requested to see my first 50 pages. I promptly sent those off. A few have passed, one has requested a full, and I haven’t heard from two others. So, here’s the question: should I let the two I haven’t heard from know that I’ve received a request for a full? If yes, should I note the agency that is requesting the full? I don’t want to betray confidentiality, but I also don’t want these agents to think I’m making this up to get them to reply to me re: my pages.


Status reports are annoying up until you have an agent making an offer. Then I want to know so I can get off my sorry asterisk and read your work and throw myself into the wooing fray.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you gave six pitches at one conference? Please tell us which one. I'm signing up for next year.

pjm said...

More importantly, in my opinion, did you have to pay extra for these pitches?

Laurel Amberdine said...

I just want to add, that some quite legit agents specifically ask to know how many other agents are reading partials/fulls, and want to be kept updated.

But then, that falls under the following directions thing. I wouldn't bring it up, otherwise. It's just so awkward...