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Dear Miss Snark,

Recently I came across an agency web site that included a page of short bios and photos of all their clients. The strange part was that several of the authors listed were not yet published. The titles of their novels were included with “out on submission” in parentheses, or something to that effect. And yes, this is a legitimate, albeit relatively green, agency.

Is it me, or is this outside the box? Personally, I would not want to be listed among clients on an agent’s page until my first book sold.

What is your opinion?

Well, I don't do that but it's also not the imminent arrival of the antichrist. And thinking outside the box isn't my idea of a bad thing either. I'm constantly kicking people in the keister to think of new ways to promote clients and projects. I have specially honed cowgirl boots and rollerskates for just such motivational talks.


Elektra said...

Does this agency have an extremely annoying flash website? If it's the same one, be careful. Every one of their clients' personal blogs has a plea to editors, along the lines of "If you'd like to publish my book, contact So-and-So Agent". The agency also has the same open-ended plea on their own website, which makes me think it's not a very proactive bunch.

Dan said...

I think this is dumb. Sounds like it just makes these new clients feel good about themselves. They are validated, REAL writers.
It also makes the agency look like they have more clients.
Be careful.

Anonymous said...

elektra, no it's not the agency you're thinking of. The agent used to be with one of the top five agencies and has since struck out on her own.

dan, simply put, your post is bullshit.

This agent is my agent and she's completely legit. I don't have my picture and bio up on her site and I know of at least one other client who doesn't, so the agent is not trying to make it seem like she has a ton of clients. She doesn't insist that we put our pictures and bios up, it's an option she offers if we're up for it.

quietly writing said...

These guys don't rep my genre, so I won't be querying, anyway.

Unless I'm having a huge brain fart, it's not an annoying flash web site; it's really a legitmate agency, started by an agent who used to work with one of the "Big Guy" agencies before branching off to fly solo.

I just personally wouldn't want my blurb out there while my novel was "being shopped." I'm all for promotion and thinking outside the box, but this one made me feel...edgy.

Tessa said...

Why post clients before the work is sold? I don't understand the rationale.

I don't care if the agent is legitimate, it doesn't really have a point, does it? Or what am I missing here?

Athena said...

This may be some agents' way of doing business, but it sounds a bit unusual to post clients before they've sold anything.

Even if it's voluntary, a bit too "Idol-ish" for my taste.

Kelly McCullough said...

My agent does this with at least some clients, particularly those with significant short story publishing credits. Or do you mean bios with no publishing or professional credits of any kind?