I'm an agent not an archeologist

I sent you a big ass email a couple months ago, which must have been deleted when you did your spring cleaning. I'll try to condense it this time. (everyone got a form email if they got deleted, just fyi)

I already have a nonfiction book, published by a now-out-of-business publisher in 2002. I have my rights back. 20,000 copies were printed, of which 10,000 sold. The remaining 10,000 are settling into a new home (small genre publisher) who will store/market/distribute/sell

I did not have a need for an agent before. However, if I want to keep this book alive (with a new publisher), and maybe write another one or two or three, I am going to need an agent now.

What kind of a query do I send when I am not sure what exactly it is that I am wanting to sell?

Agents are not mind readers.
You need to be clear what you want and then write a cogent letter explaining it.

All the agents who talk about helping an author plan a career, and giving career guidance are talking about what happens AFTER they read a query letter and take on a project, not the first step.

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Joni said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, Miss S, but isn't the real next step for this writer not an agent but the writing of the alleged Book 2? THEN s/he can query with something to sell, and a credit to back it up...?

I don't see that there's much "career management" for an agent to do with the existing set-up without another manuscript to sell. It's not like the agent is going to promote Book 1.