June 8-National Holiday

Miss Snark does not attend the cinema.
Miss Snark has not been inside a movie theatre for some years.
Too many yapping audience members who are not poodles.
Too many refreshments smuggled in from SisterLucille's Smoky BBQ

This will change.

June 8: Ocean's 13.
Just saw the preview.

Oh dear dog.
Where are my salts!!


Dave said...

meet me, I get in free and so does my guest.
You don't even have to sit with me!

The Anti-Wife said...

I'm sure Miss Snark will be going as Clooney's guest!

Will you be walking the red carpet with him this time?

Dawn said...

Am I to understand that Killer Yapp is a poodle? My dog was raised with poodles and would love to be Killer Yapp's consort. Is this possible?

Tammy said...

Miss Snark, I have got the perfect video for you!

A dog, booze, and Mr. Clooney!



Anonymous said...

Never mind that; I'm a-quiver for July 7th.

Harry Potter D-Day.

M. G. Tarquini said...

Wow! Al Pacino still looks great!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Miss Snark, you will really enjoy the movie. Great cast and the script actually has a plot. I am so looking forward to seeing it. Plus it's good to see Ellen Barkin and Al Pacino on screen together again.

(semi-disclosure) My boss worked on the movie but I can still be objective. Cannot wait until June 8th.

bookbabie said...

Sorry Miss Snark, George has already invited me to the premier.

metasailor said...

2 recent movies IMHO must be seen by all.

- Grindhouse - great. Don't worry if you're squeamish. Not that kind of film. Ballsy and kitschy at the same time.

- The TV Set - hilarious. The most darkly funny movie I've seen in over a year.

I am in no way affiliated with either movie. They simply must be seen. I have spoken.

Inkwolf said...

Disparate as our tastes in entertainment may be, I have a George Clooney movie on my purchase list as well...


Miss Snark said...

vile treachery!

WordVixen said...

Miss Snark, you do realize that Shaobo Gin is a person, not a drink? Oh, Clooney. Well, that's alright then.