mail issues

I have no idea why but my mail is screwed up.
Killer Yapp will be interning in the mail room.

Address all mail to him at gmail.

You have to spell his name right.

If you emailed me last week and did NOT get a reply, you might fire off a second missive.


Rebecca F. said...

I just looked carefully at your blog photo. Bwahahahahahaha!

It's great!

judy said...

Killer Yap needs a raise. If he's going to handle mail, perhaps he deserves a toy as well.

Killer Yapp said...

I steal those from the squirrels!

Megan said...

What is Killer Yapp's email? Anyone?z

aspiring nitwit said...

Oh, you are too good to us, Miss Snark! Now I have something new to obsess about without even having to submit a query!

*wanders off mumbling "in the last week or last week? Should I or shouldn't I"*

Esteban said...

Is Killer Yapp a member of AAR?