Miss Snark goes dark

The blog is going dark for a week.
Don't worry, nothing horrible, just a short break sans phone email and the hurly burly of the daily grind.

No comments going up either so don't worry that I've deleted you.

Back a week from today, Saturday May 5.


Bemused Observer said...

Dag! Now what will I do every morning as the coffee kicks in?

Hope this means Miss Snark is having fun in the upcoming days.

Anonymous said...

ohhh, I miss you already, Miss Snark! and I know that this comment is worthless because you won't see it for a week but I have to post it anyway.

I love your blog!!!

Sandra Cormier said...

That first sight of Coney Island got to you, huh? A great vacation spot. Have a lovely time and Happy Cinco de Mayo Day when you return.

Anonymous said...

Take two Miss Snark, and frolic with KY in the park. You deserve it.

Anonymous said...

We'll miss you.

McKoala said...

Have a great break!

Heidi the Hick said...

Good for you. Everybody needs a break. Even you.

Elektra said...

I'm feeling distinctly twitchy. Must be all that caffeine making it into my blood stream, instead of spewing on my keyboard in Snark-related laughter.

Anonymous said...

Ten things to keep you busy while Miss Snark is away

10. Clean out the lint in your belly button.

9. Rewrite your crap-o-meter hook again, patching the holes the clue gun made.

8. Clean you monitor of all laughter induced flying liquids.

7. Order a faster internet connection so that Miss Snark will be back quicker.

6. Check the site everyday to make sure Miss Snark didn't come back early.

5. Buy more Yap treats.

4. Clean the bathtub. The gin tastes better that way.

3. Make a "Welcome Back" logo to post in the comments section when the mighty one returns.

2. Help your nitwit friend write a great question for Miss Snark.

and the number one best time killing suggestion...

1. Actually do some writing...

The Anti-Wife said...

Ouch! Shit! Damn! Ow! Ow! Ow! My toe!

Shhh! Be quiet stupid, they’ll hear you.

We don’t have to be quiet, Snark and Yapp are gone. Why else would we risk stealing the gin and the Clooney stuff?

Oh, who cares? I just want to see her stiletto collection anyway.

Here, throw this hose out the window so we can attach the gin storage to the tanker truck outside. Not the whole hose you idiot! Geez! Do I have to do everything?

(Five minutes later)

Okay, you can turn on the pump now. Where the hell are you? Would you quit playing in the slush pile! Get out here; we have work to do!

I’m hungry. Let’s see what she has in the fridge.

Wow! Ice cubes, olives and drawers full of take out menus.

Check the cupboards.

Nothing but old manuscripts. Here’s one Snark wrote. “The Mysterious Deaths of All the World’s Models”. Must be another of her erotic, romance, mystery, paranormal, thriller, fantasies about Clooney. No wonder she’s an agent.

What’s that noise?

It’s just the pump. The gin’s been drained. Have you gathered up all the Clooney stuff?

Yeah. The moving van is full. Her apartment looks strangely empty doesn’t it?

Okay. Nothing left here for us. Let’s go. And, take off those stilettos!

Shouldn’t we leave her some kind of note to taunt her?

Nah! She’ll assume it was EE and Lazar. She’ll never suspect the squirrels!

ORION said...

I find I check this pathologically each day. Even though I am told there will be no comments.
It's that pesky variable reinforcement.
There just MIGHT be one...

Chris Eldin said...

I'm going through old postings, trying to recapture that snarky feeling. How is everyone else coping?

Also going through some of EE's older postings. Found one with a riddle:

What do you call it when someone's both a snarkling and a minion?


That was worth a snort laugh!

Have fun, Miss Snark! Will you be posting vacation pics?

Anonymous said...

I hear Rabbitania is nice this time of year.

Unknown said...

Seize the day...err..week! LOL Best wishes to you for a beautiful break.