Reality is not your friend

Dear Miss Snark,

This may be somewhat out of your purview, but I need your snarkiness right now.

What does one do when a terrible writer (sentimental claptrap!) gets appointed to a prestigious post, the holders of which are supposed to be chosen for their writing? There are lots of other talented writers who must have been considered for this post (I am not among them, so this is not a question of sour grapes), but this person was chosen. She schmoozes well, writes poorly, and publishes rarely.

How does one cope when things that are supposed to be about writing end up being about dog knows what instead?? I'm wishing I could jump off a bridge or drown myself in a pail of gin.

Reality bites, doesn't it?
It's never about the writing on stuff like this. Like Oscar isn't always about which movie was best. I mean really "Dances With Wolves" beat out "GoodFellas"??

Suck it up. Practice smiling pleasantly and saying "Yes, I hear hell is freezing over, I must go sharpen my skates".


Geminipen said...

OMG! Welcome to the real world.

For the longest time, John Cougar Mellencamp's The Authority Song was my theme. (I fight authority. Authority always wins.)

Suck it up. I did. Oh, and I learned how to pucker up, too. People in positions of authority like me much better now. I'm not sure if I've won or lost a battle, but sometimes it's easier to just play the game.

ORION said...

Writing and the evaluation of writing is so subjective and some writers works are "better" than others...but yanno nobody told me life was fair.

December Quinn said...

Thank you so much, Miss S. My husband and I still can't figure out how Wolves beat Goodfellas.

I mean, it was a good movie...but Goodfellas was a great movie.

And yeah, that stuff about She Who Sucketh Up Winneth Prize is true too. But it's the Goodfellas thing that really rings bells at our house!

Anonymous said...

I need those somber truths now,
and narry a mule around. Not infrequently
I need the instruction of one who knows
how to grind resentment into patience. I need
to pace myself, I need some mule time,
I need the bitter consolation and the succor
of sweet hay, dusk, fly-buzz, slant sun.

From Poetry Daily's poem of the day, "Drucker's Mule Barn" by Jeffrey Franklin. Seemed appropriate.

Thanks, MS.

Romulus Crowe said...

Why does anyone care about 'prestigious posts'?

In UK science, if you get 'promoted' into an administrative post it's because you're no damn use in the lab. These new 'managers' make rules which everyone ignores and pronouncements that are lampooned and ridiculed.

So it is, I think, with every 'prestigious post'.

If you're a good scientist, you do science, not admin. If you're a good writer, you write, not talk about it.

Listen to those who are good at your chosen profession, not those who are good at sucking up to committees.

Sherry D said...

We probably all know other writers who suck and yet they still get published. I had a coffee mug once that had a cartoon rat on the front, running inside a wheel. Beneath that it said, "I fought the rats and the rats won." Just try to remember, the rats don't always win. I also know people who talk about their 'published writer' friend. Their friend wrote one non-fiction book, couldn't interest a publisher and so published it herself, and then somewhat successfully marketed the book to schools and libraries. She continues to market the same book and has never written anything else. I mentioned then, that she 'used' to be a writer. People were shocked. So, I asked, "well, what is she writing? If she isn't writing, she isn't a writer."