Sic transit manuscripts


Six months ago, I sent a query to an editorial assistant I had met at a conference. She responded in record time and indicated that she would be delighted to read my full manuscript, and that I could probably expect a reply to it in two months. I sent it off immediately and haven't heard since. Here's the tricky part. Normally I would just send a quick note to the editorial assistant asking about the status of the ms, but she left the publisher about a month after I sent the ms. I have no idea to whom her active mss would have been transferred, and I don't know the names of anyone else at the publisher except the VP. What do I do?

Forget about it, it's toast.

Start over.
This happens.
If you need to feel better, count yourself lucky you're "only at the reading stage". I've had projects ready for offers and the editor has decamped for greener pastures leaving us standing out in left field wondering what the hell asteroid just bounced on our heads.

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Stacy DeKeyser said...

You could try to find out where she is now, and send it to her again.