Soup and nuts

Dear Miss Snark,

I’m in the process of writing a celebrity soup-and-stew cookbook. It will feature the favorite recipes of many big time stars. For example, it will have recipes for Groucho gazpacho, Red Buttons red bean, Chuck Norris chicken noodle, and Robert Goulet goulash.

I need one more soup recipe to finish out the cookbook. Since you’re such a humongous superstar, it would be swell if you’d contribute a recipe for any of the following soups:

- Snark snert (as you no doubt already know, snert is also called erwtensoep, and is a split-pea Dutch soup).
- MissSnark MineStrone.
- Snark shark fin.

Would you be willing to share one of your yummy-in-the-tummy soup recipes?

Sure no problem! In fact here is the recipe for all three!

Ingredients: one phone, one Andrew Jackson, one dog.

Dial phone.
Answer door
Surrender Mr. Jackson.
Divide into bowls.
Give one to dog.
Enjoy the other.

You are a newcomer to this blog if you think Miss Snark uses that room with the locking white cupboard for anything other than storage.


Anonymous said...

Wait...I thought it was used to lure in the firemen.

kitty said...

Wait...I thought it was used to lure in the firemen.



Kanani said...

I thought she was going to ask for George's Salsa recipe.

vanishingword said...

Truly a magnificent way to store old fur coats, and your collection of ball bearings.

S.F. said...

Tasty-sounding recipe, Miss Snark. But it's so hard to get the ingredients!

Those Mr Jackson's are rare where I come from, and the only substitute is the truly unappetising desiccated Queen faces. I never have enough to make Miss Snark's excellent recipes.

I find substituting the dog and the phone for a microwave and a supermarket frozen-foods aisle works almost as well. And it's a lot easier for writers.

We don't do this for the Mr Jacksons.

Well... Not just for the Mr Jacksons.

Which is good, because we rarely get the Mr Jacksons.

Well... I rarely get the Mr Jacksons.

Anonymous said...

oh my dog i thought you were really taking a certain Mr. Jackson hostage... boy do i need a clue. and more cash.

LadyBronco said...

I thought that room was used to raise the value of one's house.

Food comes out of it?